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Geometry - 4th Edition

Chapter 2: Reasoning and Proof

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2.1 Patterns and Inductive Reasoning

This site contains a slide show with notes on patterns and inductive reasoning. If the slide show is not visible when you first open the page, point your browser to a different page and then return to this page and the slide show will be there.

This page has notes on how to use inductive reasoning to solve the next part of a pattern.

2.2 Deductive Reasoning

This site has an explanation of deductive reasoning and how it should and shouldn't be done.

2.3 Converses, Inverses, and Contrapositives

NEW This page contains explanations, notes, and practice problems on the topics of converse, inverse, and contrapositive.

2.4 Valid Arguments

This site include a tutorial about argument analysis, specifically patterns of valid arguments.

2.5 Types of Proof

This is a list of the types of geometric proofs with definitions.

2.6 Proof in Algebra and Geometry

This page shows a proof using basic algebra of the classic Fallacious Proof.

A blog that shows classic algebraic proofs described by the author as "accessible to the mathematical amateur".

2.7 Proving Theorems about Angles

This site states the theorems about triangle sides and angles and has a calculator to help find the missing side or angle.

This page explains the theorems that prove triangles similar and has practice problems.

2.8 Proving Lines Parallel and Perpendicular

This page states how to prove lines parallel and perpendicular and has a proof on showing lines perpendicular.